fashionable landscape design for year round visual interest

Why do I need a garden designer?

After all, you know how to plant flowers. You can dig a hole and toss a shrub in. As a garden designer with over 24 years experience in the field, I bring an eye for design and a wealth of practical knowledge - what works well with your existing vegetation, what materials, plant and otherwise, stand up to seasonal weather changes, the most cost-effective, long range plan, what to look out for when choosing plants and trees, how to make a small garden look bigger and a large garden more manageable.

Can I afford a glorious garden?

Getting a glorious garden does not necessarily mean expensive finishes and all-singing-all-dancing water features. It comes from something that looks simple, but has all the right proportions and comes together because materials have been used in a coordinated way. When finished off with carefully selected planting, you'll have a garden that brings enjoyment and value for years to come.

So how does the process work?

Take a look at the pictures and plans in my portfolio. There are designs for ordinary, busy people like you and me. And gardens of a more massive scale. My clients come to me looking for a new garden for lots of reasons. Moving to a new house, a lifestyle change now the children have grown. Or sprucing up an existing garden.

Similarly, the type of service they are looking for varies. Some already have a builder on site who will be doing the hard landscape for them and all they need is a planting plan. Others are too busy, they just want you to get on with it and tell you when it is all finished. So a tailored service can involve any one or more of these.

OK, so what does it cost?

All costs are based on time. A concept plan for a simple small garden could be $350. Bigger or more complicated gardens are normally between $400-$800. Really big gardens start at $800. There are material costs (planting materials) and labor costs. Before any work is done, I'll quote the job and follow up with a specific written bid, based on the scope of the project.

Any other questions not covered, call me.