fashionable landscape design for year round visual interest

A garden need not be large for it to be satisfying and glorious. The old saying 'small is beautiful' is particularly apt when applied to the gardens of busy people and people of limited mobility. For many of us, a well-designed but diminutive garden, which is not burdensome to maintain, will be far more satisfying than a large space in danger of being over-run with weeds.

On the other hand there are some people, perhaps those with an expansive piece of land and time to commit to creating a large garden, who delight in having an extensive flowering design involving multiple garden spaces populated by plants of all types. What is most important is that the size of your garden is a reflection of your lifestyle and your property spring, summer, autumn and winter.

So let's take a tour through the gardens. Notice, whether you're planning big or planting small, the beauty in tiny details, the grandeur in sweeping lines. But most of all, see how each season can be planted to maximize what I call the glorious factor.

Appreciating the beauty of seasonal change.